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Real estate appraisals for:

Buying and selling purposes :

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the fair market value becomes a significant notion for you before you engage in the most important transaction of your life.

Legal requirements :

Whether you are buying or selling, the fair market value becomes a relevant notion before you get involved in the most important transaction of your life.

Estate settlement fiscal planning :

Whether to settle a family patrimony or litigation between parties, our intervention becomes the recognized reference in order to have a fair market value estimate before a court of law.
We can help you provide the necessary information to meet the requirements of the various levels of governmental fiscal agencies.

Taxes (GST + PST) recuperation and self assessment for income tax :

Whether to recuperate a portion of taxes or to carry out the GST and QST auto contribution during auto construction, we can help you meet the requirements with the various levels of governmental fiscal agencies.

Financial mortgaging :

In this era of negotiation with financial institutions, we are able to provide the required information according to the particularities of each financial institution in order to obtain the best mortgage financing terms.

Insurance value :

When your insurance company notifies you that they cannot give you a precise value for the full reinstatement value considering a turn key project, we can prepare the document that will be the reference for the fair insurable value.

Residential development :

If, as an investor, you plan to acquire a vast lot and proceed with its subdivision, we are the reference to analyse the project’s feasibility with the calculation of its actual net value.

Condominium residential and commercial :

Our location in Ville de Mont-Tremblant allowed us to develop an expertise for the evaluation of residential divided and fractional condominium units.

Progress report of work in progress :

Evaluation service for the progression of upcoming or ongoing works for all categories of construction sites.

Construction / Renovation project :

Estimation of the market value before and after the realisation of the construction/renovation project.

Rental rates commercial and residential :

Whether it is for the negotiation of a commercial lease or to get an evaluation of the new rental fees, we are the best reference. We hold the most complete rental fees bank for the greater Mont-Tremblant area.


The professional appraiser, member of Ordre des Évaluateurs Agréés du Québec, remains the only professional real estate appraiser recognised in the province of Québec.

  • Single family property
  • Plexes
  • Multi family property
  • Divided co-ownership
  • Shared ownership
  • High value residential proprety
  • Commercial building
  • Light industrial building
  • Farms and farmhouses
  • Vacant lots – urban and recreational
  • Forested lots
  • Residential development project
  • Dealer
  • Hotel, motel and hostel

Specialised services :

  • Analysis of reserve funds for co-ownership associations
  • Enclaved vacant land
  • Investment project analysis
  • Financial analysis of business financial statements for selling / buying purposes



The office, headquartered in the Ville de Mont-Tremblant serves the following areas:

  • Laurentians, Eastern Outaouais, Upper Lanaudière

Évaluation Bruyère et Charbonneau

Residential / Commercial / Recreational land / Farm land / industrial

We invite you to refer to the section Services and territory so as to obtain additional information to fully serve you.